Sunday, 11 March 2012

One Million Bones

I originally posted this on Memorially Musing but it's such a great movement I'm posting it here too. An afternoon of making bones sounds so fun and it's for a great cause. I'd love for others to join me and share their bones.

This amazing visible petition's purpose is to raise awareness of genocides occurring internationally. This project is open to everyone regardless of age and location. There are many ways to get involved in One Million Bones, you can:

Make and submit a bone - there's a suggested donation of $5 per bone however donation is NOT required.

Have a bone made in you name -what's really wonderful about these bones is they're made of biodegradable material and when the installation is over "will be filled with flower seeds and planted around the country to symbolize hope and new life".

Host a bone making event -this is my favorite option!

Donate  and/or Volunteer

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