Hello and Welcome!

My name is Autumn Marie and Autumn's Passage is my virtual head space where I'll be posting random and not so random ramblings. I'm horrible at writing about who I am, trying to takes me back to being introduced as the new kid in class, standing alone everyone looking me up and down wondering who is this girl -it's just awkward, wait let me rephrase that I'm just awkward...

Since age Eleven I've been part of the Gothic Subculture that is up until recently... Now I'm just a sweats wearing housewife/stay at home mom who wants to get her Goth back. I've become completely unrecognisable to myself! It's the "career" change that did me in, being at home has made me lazy when it comes to adornment -sweats are so very comfortable. Regardless of comfort though a huge part of myself has disappeared, I'm guilty of not taking care of myself... Seriously I haven't applied any make up in over two years. Rummaging through my current wardrobe I'm wondering where on earth did all these pants come from? Where did all my skirts go?


While discussing music with my spouse the topic of what Goth is came up -debate time- and jokingly I suggested we google "What is Goth?" That's when I stumbled on some awesome blogs written by other Goths which inspired me to start my own.

There you have it, I'm a confused ageing Goth whose gotten lazy in the style department, is feeling blah because of it and has Internet access. Of course there is more to me, this being a personal blog I'm sure you'll discover all sorts of tidbits.

Can I take my seat now?